Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Xi at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Scholarship is one of the core values of Alpha Xi Delta, and we are dedicated to ensuring that every sister has the opportunity to realize her academic potential. The Iota Xi chapter is a diverse group of intelligent sisters belonging to many majors, honor societies, and professional organizations on campus.

Our sisters go above and beyond both academically and professionally. In fact, we are proud to say that our chapter was recognized nationally with the Anna Baldwin Award for maintaining the highest average chapter GPA over the past two years!

Academic Plan

Our Academic Plan is a resource to provide academic support and encouragement to any sister who needs it. Sisters are encouraged to set academic goals, develop effective study habits, and utilize academic resources on campus and within our chapter.


We also provide academic incentives and weekly study hours for the entire chapter to grow together. We recognize sisters who have achieved a 4.0 GPA through scholarship pearls and a "Smart Cookie" raffle for a gift card to Insomnia Cookies!


We are aware of the stresses and challenges that our sisters may face throughout the term. Destress events provide time to relax and bond with one another by playing games, watching movies, eating ice cream, and other fun activities. While we believe that achieving academic excellence is extremely important, it is just as important to find time to destress with sisters!

Have questions about Alpha Xi Delta academics? Please contact Kyra Tripp, our Membership Development Vice President at